Contribuții privind activitatea „Moldknigotorg”-ului și a librăriilor „Luminița” în RSS Moldovenească

Contributions regarding the activity of „Moldknigotorg” and „Luminiţa” bookstores in the Moldovian SSR

CZU: 94(478):655.42

Pag. 101-108

Ţîbulac-Ciobanu Mariana

Institutul de Istorie


The author of this article deals with the issue of the historical evolution of the book publishing and distribution in RSSM in 1940–1989. The author makes a historical retrospective on the historical evolution of book distribution wich was generally attributed to the „Moldknigotorg” - a republican association of the book trade that monopolized the book market in that period. This state structure for has played a substantial role in promoting the book among the mass reader. Thus, the idea of launching the “Luminița” project appears, which was, in fact, an instrument of “taming” the writers against the Soviet regime and of giving up ideas of national identity. The study brings again into description the main scientific realizations, the works, the personalities in this sphere, presenting in the sam

Moldavian SSR, Moldknigotorg, propaganda, ideology, publishing of books, “Luminita” project

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