Basarabia bântuită de ciumă (1812-1814)

Bessarabia haunted by the plague (1812-1814)

CZU: 94(478)”1812-1814”

Pag. 174-180

Gherciu Eduard, Poştarencu Dinu

Şcoala Doctorală Ştiinţe Umanistice, Universitatea de Stat din Moldova


The outbreak of the plague epidemic in Bessarabia annexed to the Russian Empire was influenced by the expansion of plague outbreaks in Odessa port and Novorossiya region. Russian military troops played a decisive role in the spread of the plague. The application of quarantine and the location of endemic outbreaks in the Hotin, Iasi, Tomarova and Ismail counties limited the spread of the scourge throughout the whole of the Pruto-Nistrian area.

Bessarabia, plague, quarantine, epidemic outbreaks

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