Din istoria instituției căsătoriei în Țara Moldovei în sec. al XVII-lea – începutul sec. al XIX-lea: condiții de încheiere a mariajului și procedura de cercetare

From the history of the institution of marriage in Moldova in the 17th - beginning of the 19th centuries: conditions for concluding the marriage and the investigation procedure

CZU: 94(478):39”XVI-XVIII”

Pag. 66-80

Felea Alina

Institutul de Istorie


This article examines the research procedure that was mandatory for the conclusion of a matrimonial alliance in Moldova in the XVIIth - the beginning of the XIXth century and which was based on the ascertance of the presence of the necessary conditions for marriage (voluntary agreement of the young people, consent of the parents / relatives of the young people, age allowed for marriage), lack of any kind of impediments and the presence of the wedding authorization act. The country of Moldova, being an Orthodox country, in matters of matrimonial law was guided by Orthodox canon law, according to which in order to conclude a legitimate marriage certain conditions had to be observed. The execution of the investigation procedure was entrusted to the priest.

the marriage, the research procedure, wedding authorization act, impediments, Moldova

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