Benderliii în afara hotarelor kadiatului Tighina

Benderlies outside the borders of the Tighina kadiatate

CZU: 94(478)

Pag. 58-65

Chirtoagă Ion

Institutul de Istorie


In the sangeak (district) Tighina (constituted after the campaign of Suleiman I in 1538) entered the localities located between the Rivers Bậc (to the north) and Botna with the Upper Traian Wave (to the south). From Botna the southern border passed near the village of Chitcani to the Dniester. To the west the boundary of the district was established on the borders of the estates on the Lower Course of the Colinder, from where it followed to the south near the spring of the Larga River. During the period of economic crisis, through which the Ottoman Empire periodically passed, some Turkish dignitaries organized Private Economic Enterprises (called chiftlik), using the land resources of the state inside and outside the sangeak. In this way, chiftliks appeared in the territory remaining under the authority of Moldova, creating problems for the locals in the use of land resources. After 1774 the economic activity of the Turkish inhabitants outside the border of the sangeak Tighina was limited. A new Ottoman administration appeared in Căușeni, which replaced that of the Crimean Khan. The locality of Sălcuța, with Romanian population, being for a century under the administration of the Crimean Khan, was included in the borders of the sangeak Thighina.

Moldova, Bac, Botna, boyer, Bugeac, chiftlik, Chitcani, Dniester, Orhei, Raut, sangeak, Suleiman I.


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